Tools of the Trade: .NET DEMON

I’ve been using RedGate’s .NET DEMON for a couple of years and find it to be one of those simple but very useful utilities.

What it does: Builds your project – as you write code. So you get instant feedback on any build errors – if there are none then your project is always built and ready to run.

An indicator in the lower right status bar shows the build state: Green (All project up to date) = successful build; Red = Error (View Error: Shift+Alt+Ins) = failed build. So you can find and fix errors as you type. It is fast – it’ll show an error as you’re typing a statement before you get to the statement terminator ;

It works in VS2010 and higher – but, unfortunately NOT in VS2008 (unfortunately, because I still do a lot of project work in VS2008 and it would really help in that).

As a (mostly) solo developer I’ve found it an excellent tool – I almost forget it’s there – running away in the background – apart from keeping an eye on the little indicator.

A number of options allow you to control when and how it runs, and whether it replaces the Visual Studio build system with it’s own optimized build system.

It’s relatively inexpensive at under £20 for a single developer or small company and, as you’d expect, there’s a time limited trial version.

Well worth checking out: